Foundation brings polish to your applications

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Foundation 5 brings together 26 unique sub-components to create a single shell component. These sub-components can also be individually installed in any 4th Dimension v11/v12/v13 database, even if it was not created with Foundation.
Despite its ease of use, Foundation is powerful enough for even the most experienced developer.
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Foundation gives your database the following features in the Application environment. No additional programming is required.
  • Multiple Process/Multiple Window Support
  • Platform Specific Toolbars
  • Find Dialog
  • Query Editor
  • Sort Dialog
  • Order By Editor
"Foundation is a great program and for me, as a non-professional 4D developer, a solution to make good-looking, efficient databases without knowing all the ins and outs of 4D."

Guido van Reenen, University of Amsterdam
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  • Import/Export Editors
  • List Editor
  • Sequence Number Generator & Editor
  • Navigation Palette
  • Window Menu
  • User Preferences Window
  • Administration Dialog
  • Custom About Box
  • Custom Startup Screen
  • And More!
Foundation's high quality interface will give your databases a professional look and feel. Full source code to all of the components is included to give you complete control of your projects.
Foundation comes with the popular "no-hassle" license. Just buy one copy per developer and use it to create as many databases as you like.
Order now and you will receive an activation code by return e-mail. In addition, you will get full access to the Foundation Google Group.
Foundation respects the graphical user interface of the Windows or Mac platform.
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Foundation has a "no hassle" license. This means that once you purchase Foundation you can create as many databases with it as you like, forever, with no extra licensing fees. You can also give your clients (one client per custom database) the unprotected source code to a database that uses Foundation.

With your purchase you will receive:
  • An Activation Code to unlock the component
  • The complete source code to Foundation 5
  • A license to use the Foundation component and code in your projects forever

  • You also get these benefits for one full year:
  • Unrestricted access to the Foundation Google Group
  • One year of technical support from Foundation's author
  • One year of free updates to the Foundation 5 component and source code

We value your feedback. Contact us from link at the bottom of the page with your thoughts and ideas for enhancements to Foundation.

You need to purchase one copy for each developer that will be working with a database that uses Foundation Shell.
"I just can't imagine: starting with 4D "out of the box", starting a project with just 4D "out of the box" or even building my own shell from scratch."

Bill Weale, Business Owners Support LLC